Ceva care mi-a atras atentia :)

Aceasta este arta Japoneza, numita Shippo iar poza este primita de o buna prietena de-a mea care se ocupa cu asa ceva. este ceva diferit de ce vedem in Romania, totul este lucrat manual modificand sticla la cald. In curand, operele ei vor fi expuse intr-un muzeu din Tokyo de unde spera ca vor fi vazute de muuuulti oameni si se poate afirma. Va invit sa cautati si sa vedeti si alte exemple de Shippo aici :

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Hi everyone,

Have you ever taken a decision thinking it’s the best decision you could take at the moment?  Have you realised after just a couple of months that the decision you took was not a good one?

Things I don’t like about Ghana: 

Weather: it isn’t great, it’s either too hot or it’s raining;

Traffic: people have absolutely no clue how to drive and they don’t care either, when there is a 2 lane road they make it a 5 lane road, no indicating, no courtesy, no regulations

Look: it’s not pretty if you live in the city, crowded, dirty, rundown, uncivilized, not enough roads

Shopping: there are 3 supermarkets where you can find almost decent things, but they come with a price ( and that is sometimes 5 times higher than what you would pay in your own country), they are not organized, they don’t know how to cut meat or how to call it…

Taxis: besides the fact most of them have no suspension and the cars are so old that i am amazed they are still working, they try and rob you all the time by increasing the price 3 times just because u are white

Restaurants: even at “known all over the world hotels” like Golden Tulip or Holliday Inn, u can’t get a decent meal and that comes at least one hour after u have ordered it; there might be a couple of restaurants worth spending your money if you are not too picky

Crime: How they can relieve you of your most cherished goods by the time you go in and out of the supermarket

Police: How they like to pull you over for no reason and ask for “something small” just because they can, instead of organizing traffic and catching criminals

Internet: It’s crap, that’s all I can say

Location: It’s too far from home and flights are not cheap

Electricity: It goes off when u don’t expected it and you just stay in the dark with no A/C and stare at the walls until someone decides you had enough and they will come and fix it

Mosquitoes: they carry malaria and they are everywhere and it’s horrible and itchy

And in no category as I don’t know where to put it is uneducated people that ring your doorbell at 11:30 at night thinking that is ok to wake u up because they are “only doing their job” checking on the security guard that is useless anyway as he sleeps all night and has no clue to open the gate for you when u come home…

People that come to your house to do a BAD job over and over again and take offense when u tell them that they ARE doing a bad job;

People that say OK when u are telling them that something they did is wrong about 10 times and they keep doing it…

People that work in a place and they have no clue whatsoever how to do their jobs or what customer service means…

People that push in front of you in a queue and still argue about it…

People that take a leak in the street thinking that it’s nothing wrong with it (one in every 2 kilometres)

Things I like about Ghana:

Our Neighbours: they seem nice, they aren’t too noisy and they contributed with a piece of comedy that will not be forgotten: waking up to see hanging on their washing line a handful of hair extensions drying nicely in the sun 🙂

Monsoon: nice restaurant with good sushi and tempura prawns, yummy

Crocodiles: been on a trip, took photos on a crocodile’s tail. That’s something to remember

Mangoes: they are great, tasty and cheap

The beach: and by that I don’t mean all of them, just a couple where you can just relax and be bother by no one (and that’s rare)

Babies: they are so cute especially when they are carried on their mums’ back and all you can see is their little feet dangling

The countryside: great nature, great views, but only for a holiday

I keep thinking of other things I like here but it’s been 30 mins and I can’t think of another one; if anything comes to mind, ill come back and post it!

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Back to normal…sort of

Hello everyone!

It looks like I am back to normal with my sleeping habits ( bad sleeping habits); now I don’t wake up at 7 AM anymore even if I hear someone shouting “no bite! no bite!” outside my bedroom door 🙂 I have to take advantage of this as you never know when one has to start working again and wake up early in the mornings!

Now let me tell you some positive things about Ghana:

1.) It’s hot but apparently the rainy season is on it’s way- positive thing

2.) You can find bubblegum flavoured sweets in the supermarket

3.) We have a car = freedom to move around

4.) We get to take our dog to the beach without being afraid the police will fine us

5.) We might move into our own home by the end of the month which leads to more positive things

I think that’s about it for now 🙂

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Back to communism times !

Hello again!

Ghana feels like communist Romania in the 1980’s at the moment …..for those of you who don’t know, electricity was rationed to divert supplies to heavy industry, with a maximum monthly allowed consumption of 20 kWh per family (everything over this limit was heavily taxed), and very frequent blackouts (generally 1–2 hours daily).

Only one in five streetlights was to be kept on, and television was reduced to a single channel broadcasting just 2 hours each day.

Here, in Accra, seems a little bit worse; you don’t have any TV as the whole day seems to be cut off from the power; the other day, some cables hanging outside the house had a problem so the whole neighbourhood was in darkness; now we have a spare generator but it needs diesel and it doesn’t seem to be used that often…

And boy try and sleep at night without the A/C on…it’s itchy and scratchy and sweaty and horrible !

But life goes on and the house hunting continues!

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Early mornings

Good morning Accra! Again….

So what is it when you turn 28? Does the world change? I am normally someone who likes her sleep, and by that i mean someone who sleeps till’ 12 – 1 Pm in the afternoon just for the hell of it.

I remember when I was a little girl, the ONLY reason I woke up early was when I knew I was going on a trip, so excited I was tossing and turning all night until I couldn’t sleep anymore.

And I was thanking God for giving me the opportunity to move to Ghana, have no job for a while and sleeeeeep as much as I could, but no…. looks like after my 28th ‘s bday, I can’t sleep in the mornings anymore!  is there something in the airrrrrrr?????

Since I been here I keep waking up at 7 and the weird thing is, i don’t feel tired… Am I getting old?

That’s how I used to be……

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Power cuts and weekend adventures

So here I am on Monday afternoon with my laptop on charge, taking advantage of electricity in case we have a power cut again. I had no idea that these power cuts are so often, happened twice since I’ve been here ( that’s 3 days and a half, considering that 2 days I was out of the house);

Thanks God for the emergency generator in the backyard as now i got charge for my phone and my laptop. Ah and there we go again…..A/C is off…power cut….again…

So yesterday, we went to a beach maybe one hour drive from our house; There is a new resort being built, hotel is not ready yet but they have a sort of a restaurant. To get to the actual beach, you have to get in a boat and go on the other side of a small lake.

We had a good time, met a lot of new people, mostly south african friends of friends of friends… had a drink, a chat and no toilets! Yes…no toilets, unless the staff were kind enough to give you a boat ride on the other side of the lake so you can go into the so called resort to use their facilities.

The lake

The beach was breezy, water was cool, just good for a swim….Too bad I had no swimsuit as all my stuff is in boxes which are currently at the airport in the customs, while they ravage through my bras, knickers, pots n pans, dvd’s and who can remember what else we had packed to bring over here.

After leaving the beach, we went back home for a quick shower and then I got introduced to a new terrace/pub/restaurant kind of place called ZooZoo. It’s a lebanese place  and it’s very pleasant; i don’t know if it was the weather or the atmosphere but I enjoyed it, not taking into account I had to wait for 30 mins to get the shaworma I had ordered for dinner. That apparently doesn’t happen that often, but the food is good and I took the waiter’s number for next time so I can order my food 30 mins before I arrive!

So a nice ending to a chilled out Sunday !



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Finally here!

Well, I am finally here and boy is it different!!

I arrived on Friday afternoon around 1:00 PM after quite a long flight but it was reasonably easy to go through as i had someone waiting for me at the terminal bus stop, holding a big piece of paper with my name on it ( I always wanted to do that :)). 

Getting out of the airport, it was like being hit with a damp and hot cloth; comparing it to Dubai at this time of year, Accra is definitely stickier and hotter.

Getting in a car with no air conditioning didn’t help either but within one hour we were at home and I was being welcomed by my dog and cat which have been sent on the same flight a few days before.

Coming from the airport to the house , seeing the roads, the street vendors ( and by that i mean people running around on the streets to your cars trying to sell you something from their heads ), is all a bit surreal and strange.

Now what can I say about first impressions? I didn’t expect people carrying their whole life on their head , nor did i expect a 2 lane road becoming a 5 lane road, no roundabout traffic rules, no “give way”rules either. To sum it up, I don’t think I will ever be able to drive in Accra 🙂

I think thats’s really smart, u have loads of stuff on your head, your baby as a backpack and free hands! wish i could do that….

There is something very likeable about this country, different oh so different but so interesting at the same time.

Now about food, as curious as I normally am, I had to try the local food so yesterday we went to the La Palm hotel at Labadi beach and looking through the menu, my eyes set on something called “Gari foto”; and no, it’s not  picture of someone called Gari, it’s something made from fresh cassava ( which is like a flour looking thingy) ,fried over an open fire and it comes out crisp and crunchy, a bit spicy , served with tomato sauce stew, peppers, onion and fish.

Don’t ask about my stomach the next day…..

Well it’s Sunday morning and the church next door has been loud since 7:00 AM and I promised myself I will go to mass one Sunday and join the singing and shouting, but until then I am looking forward to seeing more of Accra:)

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